After graduating from a University in Ontario, Canada, I found myself in a hole of $50k for the student loans. I had taken a bit longer to graduate and living away from home while teaching me most of my important life lessons was not easy and surely expensive. Without any regrets, I would still want to go through the same process if given a chance, as I would not be the same person I am today.

My parents having immigrated to this country, have always supported me and are a source of my inspiration. Nonetheless, $50k is a big amount and it took me a while to realize that after making those regular monthly payments.

Life was not too harsh on me as it may seem. I managed to find myself a Finance job, before finishing my university education, of which I was really proud of. It was a dream job in a way, considering of the many perks, such as pension plans, salary package, vacation days, and hours of work. For a while complacency set in before I realized what I must really do.  I learnt a lot of things at my work, and continue to do so.

Few personal finance lessons I had picked up by now, was to always pay more than the minimum. I applied that for credit cards, and my student loans. As such, I have no credit card debt and continue to pay the credit card amounts in full on a monthly basis.

I am excited to document my progress in wealth building. With utmost sincerity, I humbly hope the readers can learn and/or become a part of becoming financially independent along with my journey for the same.

Please check out this space below, where I would post links of my net worth updates.

Net Worth Updates

  1. July 2017