I am a Finance undergrad by profession, and the concept of making money always fascinated me. Although, it took me a while to dabble into the stock market and investments in general, I knew this was my calling. After landing myself a job, I thought I can do much better. I read a lot of blogs, and self-help books to help clarify my life goals. By then, I knew financial freedom was a significant factor and my journey had just begun.

After getting inspired from many other personal finance blogs, to the point where I would find myself going to it on a daily basis, I decided to embark my journey to financial freedom. As such, I want to document my progress through this blog – my journey as a Canadian personal finance blogger.

I have a weird mix of risk profile – at times I am more inclined to buy growth stocks, and at others I consider mutual funds to be a good investment. To be clear, I view myself as a growth investor who would buy a growth stock that offers dividends but seldom does the complete opposite (i.e. a dividend growth stock). At the same time, I do appreciate the idea of passive income, and like investing in dividend stocks but only if they happen to be on sale or if they are on sale and I am unable to find a better growth stock that suits my risk profile.

I aim to document my financial progress, provide insights into my investment philosophy, investment analysis, etc. As the name of the website, I believe my Finance background mixed with my investment experience and my risk taking ability gives me a slight advantage. With that being said, I do not aim to beat the markets but do not mind owning a substantial position in a certain equity or investment if I believe in it.

While I believe financial freedom is a must, I do believe there is more to life. For instance, I am a foodie, a vivid reader, and a tech enthusiast. In the end, I hope to learn from my mistakes while others can benefit from them at the same time.