Final Post

Dear Readers,

This is my final blog spot. It has been about a year since I started documenting my Net Worth Journey and has been incredible. I have come a long way – from about $20k to about $60k by the end of this month.

I was always fascinated by the business side of things, and wanted to be wealthy. This blogging experience over the past year has not only made me understand my finance better, but has also prompted me to take control of my life on a different level. My mindset has been different.

I look forward to change the problems and work past them rather sitting around and complain about the same.

Over the period of this past year, what I realized was to keep the living costs low, have a budget (it wasn’t a tight budget for me), always invest in assets, aggressively pay off your debts, use leverage if you must, and stay disciplined.

As my net-worth started to increase, I started to question various things. For instance, is my career the only source of ambition that I need to fulfill? Is there more to life than just career? What I realized is I am more entrepreneurial than I thought to be. Also, I do not really believe getting a degree is the only and or the surest way to success. In fact success stems from being enterprising.

Also, I realized that having a stream of one income does not cut it. I have read various books and watched many videos where they talk about the same.

In the process, I started to realize I must have the courage to implement my ideas so as to not lament on the missed opportunity while on my death bed. I do not want any regrets when I get to that stage of my life.

I am young and need to make time, my ally.

Also, I realized as my net worth increased, I started being more sure of myself. I started to know what I wanted to do, and how I wanted to go on about it. I was happy with my financial standing, and the decisions thereof.

While there is a lot to achieve, and this is only the beginning. I should continue the remaining journey away from the eyes of this blog.

As with all good things, it must come to an end and so shall this blog. The reasons are entirely different, as I no longer am able to devote my time for this blog. I need to focus more on the other rewarding and lucrative opportunities in terms of both time and dollar amount(s).

Good bye!


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