Net Worth Update – May 2018

For the month of May 2018, my net worth improved by approximately 17.4%.

The following tables summarize the state of my personal finances for the month that went by:


1Cash in Bank Account$12,829.44
2Investment Accounts$43,371.74


Student Loans$14,612.00
2Credit Card - I$7,760.00

Net Worth:

Net Asset Worth$56,292.19


So, after signing up for the no interest credit card last month, I invested some amounts.

The month saw good gains primarily due to the fact I liquidated most holdings few months ago. Then, I invested in high growth stocks. I was still cautious looking at the broader market volatility, and decided to put my stop loss. To my amazement, the stop loss in these positions got triggered.

Stop loss is an important aspect to my trading/investment patterns. After the downturn of January and March/April this year, I want to protect my gains (not that I lost in those trades).

I am holding a lot of the cash waiting on the sidelines to see how the market behaves. While I am still bullish for the next few years, I still feel the volatility is still going to be around in the coming months.

Also, I have changed my strategy back to what I first believed in. The dividend game is not really for me. I want to focus on long term winners, and the ones that carry the markets on their back (like Amazon, Google, Apple, etc). Any time these are these stocks experience a correction, I am willing to buy them.

So, going forward dividend income would not help me much. As this is still a bull market I want to participate aggressively in the stocks that return 20-30% in a year, even more.

I read a few more books on the trading/investing part of the game this month, which was refreshing.

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