Net Worth April

For the month of April 2018, my net worth improved by approximately 4.5%.

The following tables summarize the state of my personal finances for the month that went by:


1Cash in Bank Account$10,685.00
2Investment Accounts$38,254.69


Student Loans$15,151.00
2Credit Card - I$7,840.00

Net Worth:

Net Asset Worth$47,926.48


So while the bonus and a pay raise showed up this month, it was also a month whereby I pay my annual insurance premiums. So an otherwise significant gains in Net Worth is dwarfed by the insurance premium payout.

Few years ago, I decided to shop around and bought a whole life policy. It pays to buy insurance while you are young. The way I look at it, is this is a fail-safe for my family. While I am still young and single, the idea is to do away with the future uncertainties and expenses by planning for them before hand. Buying a whole life insurance policy was my way of trying to eliminate some uncertainty surrounding my life expectancy when I do start a family.

Another note, I decided to make use of OPM (i.e. Other Peoples Money) by signing up for a credit card that allows me to use $8k approx. without charging me interest for 1 year. At this point I have not used the funds from this card towards any investments but I surely intend to.

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