Net Worth Update – February 2018

For the month of February 2018, my net worth improved by approximately 6%.

The following tables summarize the state of my personal finances for the month that went by:


1Cash in Bank Account$6,660.00
2Investment Accounts$31,980.98


Student Loans$16,220.00
2Credit Cards$0.00

Net Worth:

Net Asset Worth$43,709.90



  • The cash levels depleted mainly due to my contribution towards my investment accounts. The market was dropping, and I decided to add more to certain positions like Apple, and initiated new positions such as Amazon.
  • Overall, I am still keeping a healthy 6-8% increases every month which is good. However, I do not want to get comfortable with this number, and if the recent volatility is anything to go by, it is here to stay. I am getting nervous, and would start a hedge soon.

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