Net Worth Update – January 2018

Overall, my net asset grew by 9% approx. from the previous month.

However, I am concerned about the market fluctuations. At the time of writing this, the market has fallen considerably and this is making me nervous. The volatility has not been witnessed before. Last Friday the Dow closed 666 points down, an ominous number. On the flip side, a market correction was long over due. It has been a while since the market saw a correction of this magnitude. The question remains. Was the action on Friday Feb 2, 2018 a mere correction or would it continue to fall further?

The following tables summarize the state of my personal finances for the month that went by:


1Cash in Bank Account$8,622.31
2Investment Accounts$28,427.97


Student Loans$16,720.00
2Credit Cards$0.00

Net Worth:

Net Asset Worth$41,141.52

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