Net Worth Update – December 2017

Overall, my net worth grew by 6.13% during the month of December. I am pleased by the progress of portfolio. More importantly the discipline with which I have been able to pay off my student loans.

For the year 2018, my financial goals would remain similar – pay off the loans, increase the dividend earnings, save more, and spend less.

Lets look at the balances breakdown for assets, and liabilities for the month gone by.


1Cash in Bank Account$7,388.00
2Investment Accounts$27,694.50
4Lending Loop$599.24


Student Loans$17,230.00
2Credit Cards$0.00

Net Worth:

Net Asset Worth$37,757.64


  • The cash balances for the month decreased by approximately 14%, largely due to the contributions to the Investment account, and additional student loan payments.
  • The student loan outstanding now sits at approx. $17k, which is more manageable. In the year 2017, I was aggressively paying towards this loan and plan to pay this out by Feb 2019 (although, I want to be done with this by December 2018).
  • My Lending loop increases for this month has been a paltry 0.48% from the previous month. Few months ago, I withdrew my funds from the account as the loan was paid in full before its duration date. You can find the detailsĀ here.

Year End Thoughts:

  • This was my first year of hosting the website, and tracking my expenses to better understand the state of my finances. I am glad to see how far I have come, since my first update.
    • From a net worth of approx. $20k in the month of July 2017, to $37k in December 2017. This is completely mind boggling.
  • Going forward, I would want to increase my cash amounts – as this would be my emergency fund.
  • Also, at this point I find the markets are pricey. I would want to wait for a correction to deploy the additional cash sitting in my bank accounts to buy stocks. At the same time, I find I would be more on the lookout for dividend stocks.
    • Dividend stocks would work well in the event of a downturn.

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