Net Worth Update – November 2017

Overall, my net worth increased by 16%, from $30,685.03 to $35,578.27. A lot of this had to do with the fact that I earned three pay-cheques and growth in investment accounts for the month.


1Cash in Bank Account$8,559.00
2Investment Accounts$26,764.46
4Lending Loop$596.39


Student Loans$19,249
2Credit Cards$0.00

Net Worth:

Net Asset Worth$35,578.27


  • My cash balances decreased a bit when compared to the last month. Part of the reason was due to my contribution to the investment accounts and increased expenses. The increased expenses were mainly due to my recent move and to prepare for the Winter season ahead by buying winter accessories.
  • Both the investment and pension accounts showed a significant growth.
    • For the investment account, the balances improved by $2043. As mentioned before a part of this was due to my contribution in the amount of  $1160. So the investment account grew by $900 approximately, which is really exciting.
    • Similarly, the amounts in the pension account grew by $941. This was largely due to the contributions and some growth.
  • Meanwhile, I see there are some big expenses in the horizon – the possibility of buying a car (I need to get on this one).
  • Note:
    • I cashed out $ 455.39 from my Lending Loop as shared in this update here, and put it to use by contributing to my investment account.
    • Moreover, I have reached my goal of reaching $200 in dividend income for the year. A detailed list of dividends received until November end can be found here.


As for the market, I feel a pull back is on the horizon. My take on this is simple – I would add to my position, if I find the stock prices to be favourable. If not, I would pay back my student loans. As mentioned before, I plan to pay it off by early 2019 (but really want to be done by the end of year 2018).

How did your investments perform for the month? Please comment below.

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