Net Worth Update – October 2017

As you may have noticed, I have not been able to write as frequently as I would have liked to. The reason? Well, I moved in around September and have been really busy with my new place. Now, lets get down to the net worth update for the month of October!

I had a really good month in terms of my investments. Some of my major holdings showed signs of reversals from their temporary dips, and grew by almost $2k without any additional contributions.

As of now, I think I would be able to pay off my student loans by December 2018.


1Cash in Bank Account$8,706.66
2Investment Accounts$24,720.34
4Lending Loop$1,045.09


Student Loans$21,753.15
2Credit Cards$0.00

Net Worth:

Net Asset Worth$30,685.03


  • My cash balances improved as some of the money was tied up in goodwill loans that I was paid back this past month.
  • Both the investment and pension accounts showed a significant growth. I am really pleased with the progress.
  • Meanwhile, I see there are some big expenses in the horizon – the possibility of buying a car (I need to get on this one). Also, I feel like I would want to go travel somewhere in Europe for the next year and would want to save some cash up for that, should the plan materialize.
  • As of now, I am keeping an eye on my investments and feel I can initiate some new positions as well as contribute more to certain holdings. However, I am waiting for an entry point as the markets have been okay (SPY and TSX returns were about 2% approximately for the month of October).

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