Net Worth Update – September 2017


1Cash in Bank Account$6,537.35
2Investment Accounts$22,955.14
4Lending Loop$1,038.52


Student Loans$22,248.91
2Credit Cards$513.57

Net Worth:

Net Asset Worth$24,310.76


  • The Net Worth for this month increased significantly largely due to the payment of the student loan. Meanwhile, the Assets decreased from the previous month, especially the cash levels. However, this is temporary and would be replenished by the end of next month.
  • One of my Lending Loop investment loan was paid out in full, which reinforces my decision to be investing in sound businesses. At the same time, I dislike getting my investment loan paid off before a certain time, as I would have to go look for other businesses. In the end, I am really considering to wind up this account, and to employ the capital somewhere else.
  • The investment accounts reported a nice growth 2.5% when compared to the previous month. Part of it had to do with the dividends received. I continue to evaluate future investment opportunities and validate the portfolio allocation.
  • Overall, I am faced with two choices – contribute to investment accounts by increasing the stake in few stock positions, or to pay off the student loans. Thus far, I am convinced on doing the latter as I do not see any lucrative investment opportunities.

How did your finances shape up for the month of September? Write your comments and share your opinions below.

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