9 to 5 – Work Grind

Humans are a funny breed. On one hand we pride ourselves to be the most sophisticated animal on this planet, while on the other we conform to the societal standards.

Essentially, we embark on a path which is most followed. Who sets that for us? The society. What is this path that I speak of? Its the socially accepted norm of going to school, then to college and or university, then to masters, and for those who have decided this to be your academic limits (i.e. up to a college diploma or an Undergrad degree(s) or Masters), we then set out to secure a job.

By this time, an average human being is around 24-28. This time period is supposed to be the most fertile time period for our creativity (and I am not talking about giving birth here). Why you may ask? Simply because the average population then starts out family and slowly but surely get burdened by an overwhelming responsibility.

Meanwhile, we forget to ask ourselves what is it that we really want from life? Not from a career perspective (perhaps you have that figured out), but life in general. Maybe we never asked ourselves that question because we tell ourselves if my friend Joe is doing it and everyone around me is doing it, I must be doing it right. And this is where we are wrong, dead WRONG.

Investment likewise is a lot similar to figuring out your life purpose. It just so happens to be the financial purpose which is a PART of your life, just like work is. You need to make sure what it is that you really want. If you are a millennial reading this, you’d resonate with the fact that we never actually get enough time to think about the most important aspects of our lives – us!

If your daily grind puts the bread on the table, we must force ourselves to think how to better ourselves, how to go that extra mile. You may have a job and perhaps it pays you well but that does not guarantee that personal job satisfaction. You may have a greater calling, an area that you maybe subconsciously aware of but have it suppressed inside you purely because it is not the usual path. Tell you what, most successful people that have left their mark on this planet charted out their own paths by not succumbing to the socially accepted rules. To achieve something different, you must do something different.

One of the reasons, other than wanting financial freedom I started this blog, was to escape from the 9-5 rat race. I wasn’t really happy with the work environment and I wasn’t ready to accept a lower paying job position. However, after some soul-searching I realized if I am not happy with the work I am doing at work, I need to find another outlet that allows me freedom to express my creativity in sync with my career aspirations. This blog is essentially that creative window I had been yearning for. I read a lot of blog articles, books, and listened to a lot of audio e-books, that helped me fill in the missing void. My grind has just begun.

The point of a grind is not to do it mindlessly but to enjoy the process because you are doing it for an end goal, an end goal that was set by you. Similarly, you may decide to invest in dividend stocks only, or ETFs only, or value only, or growth only, or a combination of all those.

It is for you to decide by asking yourself if your personality agrees with a particular investment style. While it may not bear fruits overnight, you’d end up with more insights than before. In the end, it would make you think differently which can be then applied to different areas of life. It opens up a world of possibilities.

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